Vintage Timex Crown Database

vintage timex crowns

A massive thanks to both Knut and Jersey Mo I now have an online database of vintage Timex watch crowns to share with you.

My hope is that with this Timex crown database you will be more easily be able to replace worn or missing crowns with those from more easily sourced donor watches. Simply search for the dial code of the watch requiring a new crown, and see what models share its “packet number”.

If you spot any errors please let me know via @timetrope on Instagram.

To access the spreadsheet directly visit this link

Fun Facts

Early Timex crowns are of a more traditional design in that the crown can be unscrewed from the stem. Later crowns and stems came as a completed component.

Water resistant and waterproof models are typically Marlins and Sprites.

Non water resistant models are typically Mercury and ladies models.

It appears that in 1967 the law was changed meaning water proof items now needed to be relabeled water resistant.