Vintage Timex Watch Repair Tools

Spring bar tool

If you’re collecting vintage Timex watches one of the first thing you’ll likely do with any new acquisition is to remove the old and often disgusting watch strap. There are may spring bar tools on the market ranging from a dollar upwards and while they will all do the job for a short time there is no better option than a double ended Bergeon 6767F tool which allows you to remove watch straps from both drilled lug and non-drilled lug watches.

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Case back opener/knife

FYI at a push you can often just use your screwdriver to remove a snap on case back. This being said, having the right tool for the job can make your life a lot easier and help your screwdrivers last a lot longer.

For UK tinkerers Cousins the value seiko style caseback knife set will do a great job.
In the USA Esslinger has a similar set for sale
You can find them on Ebay
…and on Amazon

Watch repair screwdriver

I went through a LOT of screwdrivers trying to find a suitable set that had the right dimensions and strength. In the end i opted to buy just one high quality screwdriver which has served me well for over 2 years. My pick of the bunch is the antimagnetic Bergeon 2.00mm screwdriver

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Case cushion (optional)

Case cushions protect your watch dial when working on the movement when its attached. the soft top allows the central stem to press in without damaging it. When starting out just buy the cheapest or use a folded lint free polishing cloth folded over a couple of times.

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Dial protector

Before you even attempt to remove the hands from a watch you should protect the dial. This can easily be done by placing some thin plastic over the dial before using a hand removal tool or picks. Alternatively if you want to be fancy then these dial protectors are handy to have

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Hand removal tool/ Hand removal picks

Taking the hands off a vintage Times watch dial can be tricky to do without the proper tools and can damage the dial surface. Hand removal tools are specially designed to do this task.

Hand Puller

A hand puller sits over the watch dial directly around the center stem. Push down and the bottom clamps under the hands and pops them off.

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Hand Picks

Hand pushers

Movement holder (optional)

Cleaning solution

Naptha (Ronsonol lighter fluid)

Isopropyl alcohol

Paper towels or hair dryer


Moebius 8000 Oil


Dial protector

Hand pressing tool

Nail buffing blocks



Case Cleaning solution

Glass polishing cloths

Crystal lift