Timex Kids Watches

Kids Timex watches are amongst some of the most vibrant designs available.
Petite Kids Timex Watches
The smallest of Timex’s kids watches, petite watches include popular character watches such as Alice in Wonderland, Minnie and Mickey Mouse amongst others.
Boys Watches
For a few years in the 60s Timex launched a small selection of sportster sized pieces labelled as Boys watches. These were plain field style watches with fixed lugs.
Sprite Kids Timex Watches
In the 1970s Timex expanded its line of kids character watches to include piecs from Peanuts, Hannah Barbera, DC Comics, Smurfs and Asterix cartoons amongst others.
Mercury Kids Timex Watches
In addition to producing larger versions of their popular character watches, Timex also produced a range of Timex Mercury watches featuring bold dial colours. Aimed at the teen market, a small ranged titled Wrist Jeans mixed denim into watch and band designs.

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