1953 Timex Ads, Catalogs and Brochures

Timex ads from 1953 feature many celebrity endorsements. From basebal player Mickey Mantle to professional golfer Ben Hogan, you can see durability was one of the major unique selling points. There was little innovation with the watches being advertised in 1953 as most had the same dial and cases as those of previous years. We do however see the names Marlin, Mercury, Sportster, Monroe and Marquette used for the first time as Timex moved away from an alphabet based model naming convention.

1953 Mickey Mantle Timex Ad
1953 Assortment 3978 Timex Catalog
1953 Timex Ad Give an all time christmas-time gift
1953 Timex Ad They cost so little they say so much
1953 Timex Ad waves and sale spray