Automatic Timex Watches

For the past 80 years Timex Automatic watches have been known by many names. In the 1950s, timex brought out their first line of automatic watches called Self-Wind. These watches were the first Timex that were automatically wound by the movement of your body. The movement responsible for this was the M29, a no date movement powered by a swinging rotor. In 1957 these watches were branded Viscount, a name that continued into the 1970s. In the late 1960s this movement evolved into the M31, an updated no-date movement followed by the m32 calendar and m33 day date. Again in the late 1970s the movement was upgraded to the m107, m108 calendar and m109 day date movements. These had a 48hr power reserve. By the mid 1980s most non-quartz timex were simply called Mechanical.