Vintage Timex Military / Sprite Prorotype Pre 1966

Year: Pre (?) 1966
Reference: Unknown
Model: Prototype
Movement: M24
Case Width: 32mm
Lug to Lug: 41mm
Lug Width: 16mm

Complication: Manual Wind, Sweeping Seconds Hand

Specal features: Unique case. Chapel style hands. Purchased from reknowned veteran Timex collector, Jersey Mo, this prototype Timex watch was produced no later than 1966. It is claimed to be a MIL SPEC prototype watch however it also resembles the field watch style black dialled Sprites produced from 1966 onwards. The MIL SPEC claim is likely due to its similarities to the 1982/3 MIL SPEC Marlin watch produced by Timex, howeer this prototype is significantly smaller making it closer to a sprite than the 1982/3 model..

Repair: This watch is a front-loading design. Use a crystal lift to remove the crystal, remove the dial retention ring, use tweasers to grasp the stem to prevent it from turning, unscrew te crown and slide te moement and dial assembly from the case. Reerse the process to reassemble the watch.