Vintage Timex 100 2094-2260 Bayonet 1960

Brand: Timex
Range: Timex 100
Model: Timex Bayonet
Reference: 2094
Caliber: M22 (Manual Wind)
Year: 1960
Dial Code: 2094 2260
Case: Chrome plated over base metal
Complication: Manual wind movement.

This vintage Timex 100 Bayonet men’s watch is highly collectible. This is in part due to the bezel-less case which allows the watch to extend to the very edge and partly due to the striking combination of a black and silver bullseye style dial. The outer edge of the dial has stamped sunburst details with bolder flat markers identifying hours. The hands of this Timex Bayonet are simple chromed hands. Unlike other bayonets this dial does not have 100 printed in addition to the TIMEX logo.